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Command Center Operations

Proactive 24/7 Security Monitoring and Oversight

Real-time intelligence is vital in today’s security industry. Constant proactive monitoring increases situational awareness, enables faster decision making, and maximizes your security posture through strategic resource coordination.

Our in-house experts maintain continuous operations, ensuring 24/7 situational awareness. We apply our intelligence insights and proactive approach to actively monitor and respond to changes as situations develop.

Command Center Solutions

From concept design and command center development to operational maintenance, we optimize the effectiveness of our customers’ technical operations, processes and projects. Our experts bring hands-on knowledge of video surveillance systems, and custom technology integration services. A Full range of our command center solutions include:

  • Alarm monitoring
  • CCTV
  • Dispatch services
  • Incident command
  • Intelligence and threat analysts

Mobile Command Center Operations

In areas lacking an existing command center and necessary infrastructure, we establish a mobile command center operation. Even in the most austere environments and challenging situations, our customers remain informed about threats in real-time and can adjust their security posture accordingly.

Integrated Program Support

Constellis provides service across a broad range of technical systems and integrated program support so customers can sustain business operations in complex environments. Our command center solutions range from operating a complex network of CCTV systems to a fully networked operations center.