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Records Checks and Prescreening Services

Automated Full-Scale or a La Carte Prescreening and Personnel History

Understanding who you’re hiring is vital. Constellis’ rapidly deployed, automated process quickly provide the details you need to make employment decisions. We deliver full-scale checks or a la carte offerings for government and commercial customers that include employment, education, police, court and other record information.

Online and Local Support

Our Investigative Analysts process thousands of online and database checks each month. Constellis also employs and contracts with geographically dispersed personnel capable of operating in all 50 states and U.S. Territories to provide additional support where online information is not available.

Proprietary Database

To support an efficient and highly accurate return for our customers, Constellis maintains a fully vetted proprietary database. This database acts as a “where to go” repository for pertinent records and information to support our government and commercial customers. With constant updates, upgrades and source detail verification, we ensure the most accurate and best of service to our customers. We continuously add new source providers to support national verification and investigative services efforts.

Case Management Customer Portal

Our investigative processes for conducting record checks and prescreening services in our case management system (CMS) identifies positive and negative results and findings. The CMS reporting infrastructure supports interim (before case completion) or end of case (full completion of case) reporting of resulting transactions.

Constellis leverages existing schemas or can create a new schema to automate the completion of fillable documents to facilitate the best pre-screening or record check process for our customer. We use these details to populate investigative results to pre-fill the final report increasing efficiency and lowering the cost for our customers.

Our CMS customer portal can be customized to provide the desired reporting and visibility to background check case progression. Our in-house development group specializes in the creation of reports ranging from basic data used for invoicing, to complex statistical and mathematical analysis of applicant populations, case trends, and more.