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Expeditionary Construction Services for Remote and Challenging Environments

Whether you require new construction or refurbishments for entire base camps, wastewater treatment plants, boat docks or other marine facilities, Constellis offers sustainable solutions for customers operating in complex geographic markets around the world. We specialize in procuring and moving highly regulated commodity shipments in and out of remote and challenging areas, including conflict and post-conflict regions. We apply our first-hand knowledge of U.S. and international procurement procedures and host nation laws and regulations to deliver projects through trusted supply chains on schedule.

Constellis supports customer operations further through the efficient application of inventory management and warehousing technologies and resources. Our experience in construction projects includes the construction of living facilities and base camps, aircraft hangars, medical hospitals, vehicle maintenance facilities, training ranges, roads, bridges, helicopter landing zones, security walls, access control points, and water, septic and power systems. Through streamlined processes, we rapidly mobilize our personnel and equipment to any location. 

Construction Services

  • Facility Construction or Renovation/Rehabilitation
  • Base Camp Construction or Renovation/Rehabilitation
  • Minor Construction and Repair
  • Remote Sites
  • Utilities and Infrastructure Construction
  • Design-Build, and Design-Bid-Build Services
  • Engineering Design
  • Airfield Construction
  • Marine Construction
  • Environmental Work and Hazardous Material Abatement
  • Emergency Repair

Global Network

Constellis has worked with suppliers and vendors across regions and borders. Through decades of building local networks and collaborative partnerships across the globe, we work with customers to create strategic efficiencies while minimizing risk and maximizing productivity. 

Experienced Teams

Our team of experienced designers and engineers has proven logistical and construction expertise across industries and scale.

Constellis has provided the full spectrum of infrastructure construction services to Federal and Defense industry customers as well as commercial customers.

Past projects include the construction of living facilities and base camps; aircraft hangars; medical hospitals; vehicle maintenance facilities; water, septic and power systems; training ranges; roads and bridges; helicopter landing zones; security walls; and access control points. 

Construction Careers

Constellis offers sustainable solutions operating in complex geographic markets around the world. Find out where your construction background can take you.

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