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Emergency and Disaster Response

Turnkey Emergency and Disaster Training, Planning, Response, and Recovery Services

Each year natural disasters threaten the lives and property for communities and business throughout the world. In times of crisis or disaster, Constellis provides organizations and the communities with a full range of response and planning services to help reduce risk, prepare for hazards, and return to normalcy.

Our disaster relief service-offering includes warning and evacuation assistance, recovery services, security, provision of supplies, temporary shelter, damage assessment and restoration of infrastructure. In the event that a disaster occurs, Constellis deploys experienced personnel for on-site operational support complete with an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and a plan that clarifies roles, determines required resources and documents any contingencies.

When the worst happens, we deliver rapid, targeted and adaptable crisis management, communications and response solutions to enable our customers to overcome the challenges they face. Constellis’ crisis response consultants are well-versed in providing advice and support in the heat of a crisis as well as before a crisis strikes, helping you be better prepared to deal with problems when a critical incident threatens your business.

Emergency and Disaster Response Services

We offer a turnkey solution that comprises training, planning, response and recovery services including:

  • Natural Disaster Response 
  • Wildfire Support Services 
  • Response and Recovery Operations  
  • Base Camp Operations and Management 
  • HAZMAT Response and Mitigation 
  • Biomedical Incident Response 
  • Debris and Waste Removal  
  • Automated Debris Monitoring Systems 
  • Pre-disaster and Evacuation Training Services 
  • Integrated Risk Management