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K9 Mine Action

Explosive Detection Dogs for Mine Action Operations

Canine scenting abilities are 10,000 to 100,000 times greater than ours. This ability makes Explosive Detection Dogs (EDDs) imperative for successful mine action operations. Not only can they detect scant scents over large areas, they can do so quicker than other detection methods without compromising accuracy and with less damage to ecosystems.

The Development Initiative (TDI), a Constellis company, provides specialist detection dog services to multinational companies, governmental and non-governmental organizations throughout Africa and the Middle East. Our teams are operationally experienced with local subject matter expertise to provide the best solutions for customers in different environments.

K9 Training 

Our K9s are trained to locate trace amounts of explosives, following industry standard practices. Once the scent is located, the K9s are trained to sit, alerting their handler that they have discovered a hazardous item at a particular location. This keeps the dog safe and shows the handler where attention must be paid to remove or destroy the object.

Experienced K9 Handlers

TDI K9 handlers are qualified and experienced. They come from many different backgrounds and nationalities to help us provide bespoke solutions to our customers.

We also ensure that our handlers also have basic veterinary training. This practice helps prioritize the health and wellness of our K9s and minimizes downtime. Our extensive in-house veterinary network supports operations across many theaters of operation.

Additional K9 Services

TDI’s primary focus is explosive detection; however, Constellis trains, certifies, deploys and manages K9 teams for many different purposes, including:

  • Explosive Detection (EDD)
  • Narcotic Detection
  • Cargo Screening
  • Event and Venue Security
  • Special Purpose

Learn more about our robust K9 security programs.

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