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Intel Center

Complimentary Intelligence and Advisory Products to Help Build an Informed Analysis of Risks and Assist Organizations in Meeting their Duty of Care Towards Staff

The Intel Center provides a suite of security reports, a bank of associated documents including travel advisories, travel safety and security guidelines, regional situation reports, and incident overview reports. In addition, security updates are posted on a daily basis, providing highlights of global security incidents and developments, government warnings and upcoming dates/events of note.

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Intel Center News and Alerts

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Global News, Alerts and Reports from Constellis Crisis Management Experts

Insight Reports

Prepared Podcast


Challenges of Working in Africa

In this webinar, we examine the challenges and lessons learnt when doing business in South, Sub-Saharan, East and West Africa from a security perspective.

People Matter

In this webinar we examine the human dynamic in crisis management teams and discuss some of the issues we face when building effective, well-balanced crisis teams and how to resolve those challenges.

Grievance in Motion

Our expert panel from Theseus Risk Management examines the challenges companies face when dealing with fixated risk in the corporate sector.

Female Travel Security

In this webinar we expand the conversation about specific risks that women encounter while traveling and explore tools to empower women to take greater control over their safety and security.