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Investigations Administrative Support

Front- and Back-End Support for Investigative Services

As background checks and full investigations continue to evolve to automated systems, data integrity from vetted systems and established quality checkpoints and data integrity assessments can be overlooked as a necessary and critical step in the process. Automation and connectivity to systems allows for better background check program outputs, but without careful considerations and appropriate processes integrity, the results could lead to lower quality reporting to the customer. Through our customer partnerships and multiple pilot programs, Constellis maintains a focus on a best value product rather than providing the minimum (check the box) to meet the expectation.

Constellis has provided investigative support services to both Federal Government and commercial customers since 1995. Our diverse offering includes both front end (entry and applicant information collection) and back end (reports, case progression) to meet different security, accessibility, sensitivity and privacy requirements.

Case Management Process and Customer Portal

Our proprietary case management system and investigative processes for conducting background checks allow us to identify and flag positive and negative results affecting adjudicative decisions. The case management reporting infrastructure supports interim (prior to case completion) or end-of-case (full completion of case) reporting of resulting transactions. Our process includes verifying applicant information to include citizenship, education information, criminal history, fingerprint results and verification of I-94 information.

Our case management system customer portal can be customized to provide the desired reporting and visibility to background investigation case progression. Our in-house development group specializes in the creation of reports ranging from basic data to complex statistical and mathematical analysis of applicant populations, case trends and more. . Reports can be built for end users, operations managers, and our customers and are exportable in multiple formats, including csv, word, excel, text, and PDF.

e-App Reporting for Government Customers

For our government customers, we initiate applicants to access the e-App (investigative Standard Forms (SF)) to initiate their investigation. The forms are then reviewed to ensure accuracy and completion. Constellis also offers call center support to applicants navigating the process, including password resets, error troubleshooting, and answering general questions concerning the BI process.

We also review completed reports of investigations to offer a recommendation to our federal partners whether an applicant is suitable to support the federal government. This includes reviewing investigative results, completing additional interrogatories with the applicant, obtaining additional documents as warranted, and following the guidelines of 5 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 731 to make a final recommendation.