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K9 Services

K9 screening and detection teams for public safety and security programs

Security requirements have grown in scale and necessity across the globe. As technologies change, law enforcement and government agencies, public corporations, and private organizations must evolve to stay in front of those who seek to do harm. Highly trained and certified canines led by professional handlers address many of these concerns.

K9 screening and detection teams provide specialized skills to bolster public safety and security programs. From keeping our troops safe overseas, securing large-scale venues and events, and providing safe public transportation options, to creating faster, more accurate cargo screening solutions, K9 teams are valuable and cost-effective additions to security operations.

Constellis offers turn-key program management solutions to supplement government agencies and multinational corporations in high risk and complex environments across the globe. We specialize in expedited mobilization of explosive and narcotics detection, patrol, and dual/multi-purpose K9 teams for government, law enforcement and private entities. We are known for our reputation of integrity in business practices, accurate and timely delivery of services, and excellence in quality and performance. Our elevated experience, professionalism and consistent services will exceed your expectations and, more importantly, help you maintain a safe and secure environment.

  • Founded in 2003
  • Largest K9 service provider in the private sector market
  • 600+ canines deployed
  • 450+ K9 teams worldwide
  • 2,000+ teams trained, certified, and deployed
  • Moyock, NC primary training center
  • Up to 250 new teams annually
  • Established operations and logistics network
  • U.S. and foreign governments, coalition forces, diplomatic missions, international oil companies and private entities

Constellis K9 Services with AMK9

AMK9 a Constellis company logo

Constellis acquired AMK9 in 2017 to fully integrate K9 services into our global risk management and security offerings.

We offer a variety of K9 security services for government, non-government and commercial organizations in the United States and overseas. Providing a strong, visible K9 presence has proven highly effective in deterring criminal and terrorist threats, but when issues do arise, our K9 teams are an accurate and effective detection resource.


All Constellis handlers must have a preferred minimum of two years of experience working a single or dual-purpose dog in either the military or law enforcement. Our K9 teams are certified by the U.S. Military Working Dog Certification Authorities according to Military Working Dog standards. Our standards and qualifications for working dogs and handlers ensure our teams are highly skilled in detection and patrol and are trained in crisis management.

Our Canines

Constellis’s working dogs are chosen for their levels of environmental tolerance, hunt and play characteristics. Dogs with these characteristics are undistracted in a robust environment, have exceptional endurance, enthusiasm, and motivation for performance activities.

Each dog is handpicked following strict guidelines, quality and performance standards. We use senior trainers and subject matter experts to perform hands-on assessments and testing of each dog, looking especially for:

  • Environmentally Strong

  • Quality and Performance

    • High drive
    • Good overall health
    • Genetics/breeding
    • Workability and endurance
  • Personality

    • A stable and approachable disposition
    • Consistent and appropriate behavior
    • Eagerness to exhibit obedience to verbal or signaled commands
    • Above average hunting and retrieval instincts
    • Exceptional intelligence and acuity
  • Evaluation

    • Less than 10% of canines screened will pass evaluations and be approved for training at our facilities.

Technology Tracking

We have designed and developed a proprietary web-based K9 Program Management Information System (K9 PMIS) to track key performance indicators. K9 PMIS enhances our ability to understand and manage the full lifecycle of our handlers and canines, providing insights into canine inventory, handlers, project assignments, training and health records. A customer portal gives instant access to projects, teams and records. 


We follow the highest standards within the industry to evaluate our canines and ensure we are meeting contractual requirements and customer expectations. Our standards meet or exceed industry standards.

  • Federal Contractor DUNS # 139368364 

  • Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code: 3VGN9

  • Certified Cargo Screening Facility-Canine (CCSF-K9)

US Department of Defense seal
ICoCA logo
Ministry of Natural Resources, Kurdistan Regional Government-Iraq logo

Caring for Our Canines

The life-long welfare of each of our retiring canine veterans is a high priority for usWe partner with local canine adoption programs that specialize in finding just the right home to suit each dog’s needs.  

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Proven Performance

Our experience is what defines us. Learn more about the K9 Security Services work we’ve done for customers including: 

Government Customers

US Department of State seal
US Department of Defense seal
US Department of Homeland Security seal
International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Seal
UN Ops logo

Commercial Customers

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G4S logo
SoFi Stadium logo

Commitment to Excellence

Our K9 services division, under AMK9, was founded on the three core values of Honesty, Integrity, and Excellence. Our commitment to these values remains true today. Whether training our canines or deploying certified teams across the globe, we strive for excellence in all we do. This commitment, applied across our proven track record, is what makes us the Leader in K9 Detection. 

Proven Performance


A K9 Homecoming

A K9 Homecoming April 30, 2021 The Journey Home for 60 Working Canines during the Pandemic Explosive detection dogs are hardworking experts when it comes to scenting chemicals used in incendiary devices. They work hard to keep our teams, our customers and the public safe. When our Certified Working Dogs...

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K9 Cargo Screening Solutions

The Need for Efficiency in Air Cargo Screening The air cargo industry has grown rapidly over the last few years, and with growth came logistics issues. With demand for time-sensitive and high-value shipments at a high, a more efficient screening process is necessary. That’s where TSA-certified K9 screening solutions come...

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K9 Services Careers

Our K9 teams keep our troops safe overseas, secure large-scale venues and events, provide safe public transportation, and create faster, more accurate cargo screening solutions. Here, you can help our K9s be at the top of their game as an expert K9 handler or caring veterinarian.

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K9 Trainer

Moyock, North Carolina — United States

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K9 Lead Handler

Phoenix, Arizona — United States

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K9 Junior Handler

Dallas, Texas — United States

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K9 Handler

Dallas, Texas — United States

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K9 Lead Handler

Seattle, Washington — United States

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K9 Lead Handler

Honolulu, Hawaii — United States

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