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Risk, Crisis and Resilience Services

Global Reach, Rapid Response and Local Expertise

Your safety and security are our mission. We provide clear, targeted, flexible pre- and post-incident solutions built around that primary priority.

Our expert team has operated in more than 80 countries and across multiple disciplines, including kidnap for ransom, extortion, detention and evacuation as well as security training, risk assessments and business continuity planning.

Our team of specialist crisis and risk advisors are strategically located across North America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Constellis’ risk analysts monitor, research and advise on current and emerging threats. This enables us to deliver a global spread of expertise and vital rapid-response capabilities with outstanding local and regional knowledge, contacts and language capabilities.

Managing Organizational Risk

Organizations need to take risks in order to succeed. Managing that risk allows opportunities to be pursued while reducing the potential for negative impact.

Our Risk, Crisis and Resilience services help corporate and governmental institutions, international organizations and small to medium sized businesses disrupt threats and eliminate vulnerabilities to effectively exercise control over the risks taken while enhancing organizational resilience. We work with our customers to employ a full cycle of risk mitigation and crisis management strategies:


We help reduce the likelihood of a serious incident.

  • Improved threat and vulnerability awareness
  • Anticipating dangers
  • Comprehensive context & risk assessment
  • Enhanced risk treatment measures
  • Good risk intelligence
  • Reliable travel tracking
  • Effective personal safety & security training


We ready you to protect your business and mitigate negative consequences in worst-case scenarios.

  • Broad scenario development
  • Extensive contingency & continuity planning
  • Crisis management training


We ensure timely deployment of appropriate internal and external resources.

  • Manage an incident
  • Provide business continuity
  • Bring the situation under control as quickly as possible

Risk, Crisis and Resilience Services

We incorporate all the current risk, crisis, business continuity and organizational resilience standards in our methodology including ISO 31000, 22301, 22316, BS 65000, CEN/TS 17091 as well as the principles of Enterprise Security Risk Management. Our bespoke approach is tailored to each customer’s unique needs and concerns.

Our risk, crisis and resilience services incorporate the following:

Personnel Risk

Your people are your greatest asset and ensuring their safety and security is not only an essential part of being a good employer but also a necessary step in meeting your duty of care obligations. Our personnel risk services ensure that you are providing the right information and training for the people who work for you to help them look after themselves and make better decisions and also enable you to properly assist them when they encounter problems. These tailored services include:

  • Personal security training (HEAT)
  • Travel security briefings
  • Travel safety & security planning
  • Travel safety platform through our partner LifeLine Response:
  • Global threat intel
  • Location-based tracking
  • Proactive travel security alerts
  • 2-way mass notification

Organizational Risk

Organizations face numerous risks not only when operating in complex and fragile environments but also in those places where they least expect to encounter problems.

We lead the way for our customers, helping them to develop policies, processes and procedures, allowing them to evaluate and manage risk and succeed in their business endeavors. Good risk management is about facilitating operations and managing risk to an acceptable level, not obstructing business activities.

Our organizational risk advisory and management services provide the necessary support to ensure that you have the right system and management in place to meet your needs. These services include:

  • Security risk briefings
  • Threat monitoring
  • Strategic risk assessments
  • Organizational resilience reviews
  • Security management planning
  • Security management training

Crisis Management

When the worst happens, we deliver rapid, targeted and adaptable crisis management, communications and response solutions to enable our customers to overcome the challenges they face.

Constellis’ crisis response consultants are well-versed in providing advice and support in the heat of a crisis as well as before a crisis strikes, helping you to be better prepared to deal with all the problems you may face when a critical incident threatens your business. We cover all kinds of crisis scenarios and have extensive experience in dealing with kidnapping, piracy, extortion and detention. We offer a turnkey solution that comprises training, planning, response and recovery services including:

  • Crisis response for all scenarios
  • Crisis management planning
  • Crisis communications planning
  • Business continuity planning
  • Contingency planning (including evacuation)
  • Crisis management training
  • Crisis simulation exercises
  • Crisis communications training

Insight and Analysis

Accurate, timely information is an essential component to any risk management program. At Constellis, our insight and analysis services integrate strategic understanding with local and empirical knowledge, enabling our customers to make effective decisions for existing operations and future investments.

We draw on a large network of resources to deliver social, economic, political and security intelligence to our customers through bespoke reporting services including:

  • Security Threat Assessments
  • Geographical Risk Analysis & Reporting
  • Kidnap for Ransom Analysis & Reporting
  • Special Assignments