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K9 Training

Industry-Leading K9 Training for Comprehensive Detection and Deterrence Security Programs

K9 detection programs provide comprehensive security solutions for various operational environments. To ensure our canine and handler teams are primed to perform at the highest level in any situation, Constellis has developed robust, real-world-scenario-driven K9 training programs.

We train K9s and handlers for drug and narcotics detection, explosives detection, cargo screening, venue and event security, and special purposes for government and commercial customers. Our canines are deployed to austere environments to bring added security to programs worldwide.

  • Explosive Detection
  • Drug Detection
  • Cargo Screening
  • Venue and Event Security
  • Special Purpose
  • Counterterrorism

Training Facilities

Our primary K9 training facility is located on our 3,600-acre flagship training site in Moyock, NC. Our K9s train in real-world environments with varying scenarios staged for screening in replication of customers’ facilities.  

Learn more about our K9 Training Facilities. 

Canine Procurement

We purchase only the highest quality canines to ensure our customers receive the highest quality of services. We are afforded preferential treatment based on our insistence on quality, the volume of canines purchased, and payment history.

Typically, less than 10% of canines screened meet our standards for purchase. The canines are acquired as “green” canines and are “finished” at our kennel and training facility in Moyock, North Carolina.

Prior to acceptance, we pre-screen our canines to ensure that they are healthy, athletic, sociable, conditioned and reward driven to work long hours in physically demanding environments. A minimum of eight to 12 weeks of dedicated imprinting training is conducted with our “green” canines.

Behavior Screening

We follow a thorough pre-selection regimen while screening canines for the disposition, character and medical fitness required for the training and intended mission of the canines. The screening includes, but is not limited to:

  • Socialization
  • Reward Drive
  • Possession
  • Obedience/Trainability
  • Environmental Drills

Medical Pre-Screening

Once we have identified the canines that possess the desired demeanor, drive and trainability, a licensed veterinarian performs a comprehensive medical prescreening.


We only use real odors when training our dogs for drug or bomb detection. Once the initial search patterns are mastered, additional substances are introduced.


Throughout the training, the dogs are introduced to various venues and scenarios. Each K9 will leave training with well-developed search patterns to prepare them for workability in the operation.

Personnel Screening and Recruitment

Employees are our greatest asset, which is why we seek to employ quality individuals, and retain them for as long as possible. Handlers with a minimum of two years of experience as K9 handlers in the military or law enforcement are preferred. Handler development courses run from four to 10 weeks depending on experience.