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Mine Action

Promoting Positive, Sustainable Change through Mine Action

Anti-personnel and anti-tank mines, unexploded ordnance and other explosive remnants of war (ERW) are devastating to families and communities. They not only indiscriminately lead to injuries and deaths, but they obstruct roads, preventing economic and social advancement, work and education, delay post-war reconstruction and peacekeeping missions, and limit the livelihoods of those residing in impacted communities.

Constellis company, TDI, works in theaters affected by conflict to identify hazardous, explosive material and release cleared land back to local communities, making it possible for residents to become self-sufficient, stable and safe.

Our personnel are trained and deployed to remove ERW hazards as well as conduct technical surveys, mapping, clearance, marking, post-clearance documentation, explosive ordnance risk education and handover of cleared land to communities and businesses. We provide the detection, identification, evaluation, safety, recovery and disposal of all explosive objects capable of exploding and causing injury or damage such as grenades, cluster munitions, land service munitions and mortars to name a few.

Mine Action Capabilities by 

The Development Initiative (TDI), A Constellis Company

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  • Non-Technical Surveys: Before beginning clearance operations, Constellis teams gather and analyze critical information on potentially hazardous areas to get robust knowledge of a location.
  • Technical Surveys: After the non-technical survey, we use manual or mechanical detection to physically evaluate hazardous areas.
  • Manual Mine Clearance: We provide detection, removal and destruction of anti-personnel and anti-tank mines and explosive remnants of war.
  • Battle Area Clearance (BAC): Our teams then clear areas from landmines by systematically searching, detecting and removing items of ordnance and munitions from predetermined areas.
  • Mechanical Clearance: Over large areas, we utilize mechanical assets to perform vital tasks such as ground preparation, tripwire removal, verification and clearance.
  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD): We provide detection, identification, evaluation, recovery and disposal of all items of explosive ordnance such as grenades, mortars, cluster munitions and land service ammunition that may detonate and lead to injury or destruction.

Humanitarian Approach

We lead with a humanitarian approach and comply with international standards and practices to rehabilitate contaminated land, addressing weapons proliferation issues. Constellis supports the work and leadership of the United Nations in their efforts to combat ERW and landmines while strictly adhering to the International Mine Action Standards (IMAS) throughout the lifecycle of our projects.

Customized Strategies

To minimize costs and save time, mine action experts will assess the threat at designated project locations and design a clearance plan tailored to the customer’s functional needs to ensure safety for all staff throughout the project.

Explosive Ordnance Risk Education

An essential component to mine action, we provide explosive ordnance risk education to the communities impacted. Material for these sessions include safety messages and communications to priority groups and risk management tactics. The goal of these educational programs is to raise awareness and develop safe behaviors within the communities.

Quality Management

The high level of risk within mine action operations means quality management is vital to program success. Our quality management process includes post-clearance sampling, verification, certification and the handover of released land to communities and governments.

Mine Action Services Offered