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Special Purpose K9

K9 Detection Services for a Range of Special Purposes

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Constellis special purpose K9 teams are trained to detect specific items beyond explosives or narcotics, from mobile phones to toxic mold.

New applications of K9 detection skills include:

Cell Phones

Mobile phones are notoriously difficult to track, making them easy to smuggle into correctional facilities as contraband. These devices are then used in various criminal activities both inside the facility and to facilitate criminal operations on the outside. Specially trained canines detect hidden cell phones through scents common to these devices.


Currency is easily concealed and difficult to find. Currency detection dogs are trained to uncover large amounts of currency. These services are ideal for border patrol, prisons and rehabilitation centers.

Illicit Contraband

K9 contraband detection services identify and remove items banned from facilities and events before they can become safety threats.

Bed Bugs

Bed bug detection dogs use their trained sense of smell to accurately detect bed bugs quickly and with little disruption to your activities. Hotels, vacation rental agencies and universities utilize K9 scenting services to detect bed bugs.


Trained canines can detect and pinpoint various species of toxic mold from homes and workplaces.

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